Are you interested in volunteering at Little Rock Anime Festival? If so, please continue reading…

Agreeing to volunteer should not be taken lightly. Volunteers put in long hours, mostly on their feet, and sometimes sacrifice the chance to enjoy the convention itself. There are benefits, however, such as getting to see how a convention works from the inside, making new friends, and getting the chance to meet our celebrities and special guests. There are a variety of tasks and assignments involved with the convention, none being more important than any other, and we reserve the right to place you where we think works best for our overall success.

Please don’t volunteer if you don’t have time to work all day Saturday (and set up on Thursday/Friday if available). Volunteers pay their dues by working hard to serve thousands of guests each day of the convention. If you can’t commit or think volunteering will conflict with your favorite program or activity, we recommend that you pay for admission instead and have fun that way. If you do believe this is something you want to do, we absolutely appreciate your willingness to join us and ask that you please fill out the form below.

Please understand that you are volunteering to work Saturday (and set up on Friday if available). Also please note, you must be 18 years of age (by the date of the show) to volunteer.

Each volunteer will receive a volunteer t-shirt (to be worn at all times while volunteering) and admission to the convention. You will also be provided with light snacks and water, as well as lunch.